Get Fit and Stay that Way

28 year old woman who is tired as all hell of being overweight, lazy and tired all the time. I'm also more than tired of allowing my disability to get the best of me.

Starting weight: 185 lbs
Goal Weight: 135 lbs
Start date: 1/23/12
Waist measurement: 43 in.
Arm measurement: 13.1 in.
Thigh measurement: 27.5 in
Hold Plank:
- 27.6 sec - 2/1/12

0% - 185 - 1/23/12
10% - 180 -
20% - 175 -
30% - 170 -
40% - 165 -
50% - 160 -
60% - 155 -
70% - 150 -
80% - 145 -
90% - 140 -
100% - 135 -


and peace of mind :)

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Pauline Nordin for Better Bodies


Pauline Nordin for Better Bodies

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While I was at the IDEA World Fitness Convention I had a chance to play with a particularly awesome piece of workout equipment called CrossBells. They are basically kettle bells which you can fill with water to bring them to the weight you like. The kettle bells have a hole in the middle so that you can place a bar though them and turn them into a barbell. I tried the system out and it felt really good. The kettle bells have little cut outs at the top so that it fits comfortably against your arm when you are using it which isn’t the case with other kettlebells which frankly start to hurt after a while. Also if you want to increase the weight of the crossbell beyond the 10 pounds of water when it is full, you can also add sand or buckshot to make it even heavier. For the price they are offering for it it’s as great deal compared to buying a new kettle bell whenever you need more weight or buying a separate barbell set of weights. I would suggest a CrossBell system to anyone who is looking to build a home gym for cheap. You can pretty much get a total workout for your whole body with just these weights. If you wanna learn more you can check them out here CrossBell Fitness 

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